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Hospitality settings synchronising

Product: FIFA 18Platform:Microsoft XBOX OneWhat is your gamertag/PSN ID? ITzDUMBLEDOR3Which mode has this happened in? FIFA Ultimate TeamWhich part of the mode? FUT Online SeasonsCan you tell us the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that y...

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Third Parties

Back in April of 2017 Bitcoin.com launched a notary service that was based on top of the bitcoin core (BTC) blockchain. However, due to the transaction bottleneck and extremely high fees, the notary service became unsustainable. Now...

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charniere 1 dans 360

© 2014 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.All use of this Service is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Autodesk terms of service accepted upon access of this Service.This Service may incorporate or use background Autodesk technolo...

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Grahame's animal magic

The chainsaw is not renowned for its subtlety. And yet Grahame Johnston uses this tool to create delicate sculptures in the Cumbrian landscape. Dozens of gard...

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Smeagol's past story

It's in The Return of the King as the video title suggests. And as far as I remember it's in the original theatrical cut, just at a different position and a bit shorter. The first two movies only use tiny bits from it, for example a hand grabbing t...